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Luz A. de Wit, Ph.D works inside a cave.
Photo by Rachel Harper.
Bat flying
Mike Daulton

2021: Year of Adaptation & Discovery

From Mike Daulton, Executive Director
Bats are essential to the health of our planet and human existence. They provide vital ecosystem services as insect predators, plant pollinators, and seed dispersers making them an integral part of our global biome.

As a highly-effective conservation organization with dedicated scientists, wildlife experts, and land managers – supported by a network of members, supporters, and partners – we make it our mission to prevent bat extinctions. We apply our expertise to protecting bats and their habitats globally. In this annual report, Bat Conservation International (BCI) presents some of the accomplishments we achieved during an unusual year, in the midst of a pandemic, that inspired reflection and our renewed commitment for a variety of initiatives.

Between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021, we worked on the outskirts of Mexico City to create a bat sanctuary; helped Rwandan park rangers monitor for a lost bat species in a high-elevation rainforest; supported research projects around the world; and announced our discovery of a new bat species. In the United States, we surveyed over 500 caves and abandoned mines on federal lands to make certain active bat roosts were protected; planted 4,000 agave plants to sustain bat migratory corridors; shared 338,572 acoustic recording of bats with our partners; published scientific papers; organized safe, in-person bat walks and viewings; and hosted 24 online events that attracted nearly 100,000 viewers.

We are proud to report that, despite the constraints of the pandemic, BCI’s work never faltered. In fact, we discovered better ways to communicate, experimented with more inclusive virtual opportunities, and worked tirelessly to support our global partners. We also renewed our commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. We are focused on addressing these issues authentically and are committed to organizational transformation.

Together, with your continued and increasing support, we are leading the charge to ensure the worldwide survival of bats, making a healthier place for all. Thank you.

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Mission 1


Bats are no match for modern-day threats like climate change, habitat fragmentation and loss, disease, invasive species, poaching, and other stressors.
Kevin Pierson
Chief of Conservation and Global Strategy
Bat houses are proving effective
in saving endangered species.
Photo by Melquisedec Gamba-Rios, Ph.D.

Mission 2

and Restore
Throughout the world, bats depend on healthy ecosystems. And healthy ecosystems depend on bats.
Kristen Lear, Ph.D.
Agave Restoration Program Manager
Collecting thousands of seeds to plant agave corridors saves millions of migratory bats.
Photo by Dan Taylor.

Mission 3

and Scalable
Sound science informs sustainable conservation solutions and strategies, benefitting bats throughout the world.
Tina Cheng, Ph.D.
Data Scientist
Closely monitoring caves for signs of
White-nose Syndrome helps assess the
overall health of North American bats.
Photo by Rachel Harper.

Mission 4

Bats are vital for healthy ecosystems, deeply rooted in culture and tradition, and fascinating.
Erin Cord
Community Engagement Manager
Learning about bats and witnessing the “batnado” at Bracken Cave inspires stewardship.
Photo by Jonathan Alonzo.
Photo by Jonathan Alonzo.

BCI launches Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) initiative

Bat Conservation International (BCI) formally launched a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) initiative in 2021. With the full support of the board and staff, the JEDI initiative is intended to be meaningful and authentic to our mission.

BCI paused on releasing its commitment to diversity statement without, first, understanding JEDI issues and establishing a strong underlying foundation. In 2021, BCI created an JEDI action plan to be implemented in 2022.

Understanding JEDI issues

  • BCI’s Executive Team started an empathy coaching workshop series. The workshops equip BCI’s management team with knowledge and skills to lead and foster JEDI goals.
  • BCI created a custom course called “How to Be an Anti-Racist Bat Conservationist,” and delivered the course to all staff over three months. The course explores connections between systemic racism and the history of the conservation movement.
  • BCI staff completed a series of workshops to help embed JEDI best practices into bat conservation work. The workshops covered JEDI considerations and practices to help foster trust with diverse partners, use inclusive implementation practices, and co-create conservation projects with communities for more sustainable impact.
  • BCI launched a JEDI Advisory Group to further foster a just, diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizational culture. The JEDI Advisory Group leads monthly JEDI coffee hours where staff discuss JEDI topics in detail, as it relates to bat conservation.

Revamping People Practices

  • BCI redesigned its human resources processes to reduce bias and ensure inclusivity in hiring and retaining talented people from diverse backgrounds.
  • BCI reviewed its people practices to identify opportunities for greater equity among staff.


to end bat

Bat Conservation International continues our impactful work – strategically and effectively – thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Bat Conservation International is a registered 501(c)3 organization.
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Jackson Bain surveys an abandoned mine in Death Valley National Park, California.
Photo by Shawn Thomas.
Jackson Bain surveys an abandoned mine in Death Valley National Park, California.
Photo by Shawn Thomas.


July 1, 2020 — June 30, 2021
Spotted bat (Euderma maculatum). Photo by Michael Durham/Minden Pictures.
Spotted bat (Euderma maculatum).
Photo by Michael Durham/Minden Pictures.
  • $100,000 +

    BAND Foundation

  • The Brown Foundation, Inc. of Houston *
  • Estate of Gregory J. Contas
  • Fidelity Charitable
  • Head and Heart Foundation
  • Daniel Maltz
  • Terry and Bill Pelster +
  • Estate of Sybille Elfriede Seltmann
  • $50,000 – $99,999

  • The Jean Aubuchon Cinader 1990 Trust
  • The Berglund Family Foundation
  • Charles and Lael Chester *
  • Susan A. Fredericks
  • The Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation
  • The Meadows Foundation
  • Estate of Gail Oberlin Bates
  • Schwab Charitable Fund
  • Jane Leslie Vinson
  • Woodtiger Fund *
  • $10,000 – $49,999

    Cars, Inc.

  • Change Happens Foundation
  • The Carter Chapman Shreve Family Foundation
  • Coypu Foundation
  • EarthShare of Texas *
  • EarthShare *
  • Estate of Julia A. Forrest +
  • Arvella M. Greenway +
  • The Tim and Karen Hixon Foundation *
  • Estate of Shirley Jane Kaub
  • Estate of Robert M. Keim
  • Bill Lacy and Jane Stieren Lacy +
  • David and Malia Litman
  • Travis and Bettina Mathis *
  • William N. Mayo *
  • Robert McLean Foundation
  • Leo Model Foundation, Inc. *
  • Sandra J. Moss
  • The Negaunee Foundation *
  • The New-Land Foundation, Inc.
  • The Pattee Foundation Inc.
  • Denise Pride and Donald Elliott
  • Sandy and Cindy Read
  • The Wagmore Foundation
  • Estate of Logan Waterman
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Tributes and Memorials

In honor of

  • Rachel Adams from Sheilah Roenfeldt
  • Bob Alderson from Laura E. Alderson
  • Lucia Alexeyev from Eva Landeo
  • Kari Allen from Toni Allen
  • Kylee Anderson from Ken Anderson
  • Corey Anklam from Nancy Anklam
  • Gregory Anstead from Pauline Anstead
  • Gus Athas from Linda Dragavon
  • Molly Bahr from Megan Granda
  • Jonathan Baldwerm from Pamela Baldwerm
  • Jennifer Barrett from Ian Barrett
  • Robert Bartlett from Emily Shaw
  • Helen Bartlett from Emily Shaw
  • Bat Team at Fort Worth Zoo from Vicky Poole
  • Esther T. Bat from Molly Elvin
  • Thomas E. Baumgartel from Kelsey Benedick
  • Richard Baybutt from Trevor Baybutt
  • Delphine Beck from Sandra West Moody
  • Suzannah P. Becker from Holly S. Aldrich
  • John Bellett from Marcia Lynch
  • Damon Beres from Anton Valukas
  • Michael Berg from Kelly Berg
  • Aubrey Berning from Kent Borcherding
  • Heidi Beverine-Curry from Shane Durgee
  • Dana Bilyeu from Margaret Matera
  • Victoria Bischof from Thomas Bischof
  • Holly Blackwell from Cade G. Blackwell
  • Beth Blair from Linda W. Blair
  • Peg Bobel from Megan Shaeffer
  • Marco Boone from Chris Roberts
  • Shon Brand from Jackie Brand
  • Lawrence Branscomb from Carol Branscomb
  • Todd Browne from Amy Browne
  • Diane Buchwalder from Mary Buchwalder
  • Jason Bucy from Aneel Nazareth
  • Cathi Buescher from Patricia E. Brown
  • David Burke from Michelle Slater
  • Vince Butsumyo from Christine Fenner
  • Ezrael R. Cabrera-Flores from Natasha Moeun
  • Kristina Caligaris from Jamieson Schapker
  • Caitlin Campbell from Art Campbell
  • Ann Campbell from Selah R. Hobbie
  • Laura Carlson from Steve Voskuil
  • Matthew Carpenter from Lia Carpenter
  • Kayla Caselli-Bido from Giuliana Caselli
  • Veronica Castillo from Kyleigh Carlson
  • Allison Castillo from Sara Castillo
  • Therese Catanach from Maria A. Catanach
  • Gordon Chase from John Chase
  • Steve Chenoweth from Lillian Chenoweth
Glossy horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus-refulgens).
Photo by Charles M. Francis.
Glossy horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus-refulgens). Photo by Charles M. Francis.
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  • ABM Industries Incorporated
  • Adobe Systems Inc.
  • Allstate
  • Ameriprise Financial Employee Giving/Matching
  • Apple, Inc.
  • Applied Materials Foundation
  • The Bank of America Charitable Foundation
  • Benevity
  • Blackbaud
  • The Boeing Company
  • Broadcom
  • The Brown Foundation, Inc. of Houston
  • Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
  • Caterpillar Foundation
  • Charles Schwab
  • Chevron Employees Giving Campaign
  • Cisco
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Corning Foundation
  • Costco Wholesale Corporation
  • Dell Employee Engagement Fund
  • The Walt Disney Company Foundation Employee Matching Gifts
  • DocuSign
  • Duke Energy Foundation
  • Ecolab
  • Eversource Energy Foundation
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Legacy Circle

Legacy Circle members commit to an enduring future for bat conservation by naming BCI in their will, trust, or other planned gift.

If you’re interested in leaving a legacy for bats, contact

  • Meryl Ackley
  • Rita Adams
  • Donald and Charlotte Allen
  • Doris Applebaum
  • JoEllen M. Arnold
  • Cindy Barbee
  • Jan E. Barnes
  • Pete Betz
  • Merrilyn Meigs Bonin
  • Ken and Barb Bowman
  • Jerry Boxman
  • Sherri and Robert Bray
  • Patricia Bronstein
  • Patricia E. Brown
  • Scott Brown
  • Patricia and Neal Brown
  • Amy K. and David R. Bumpurs
  • William Burgart
  • E. Nancy Burns
  • John and Valarie Burns
  • Phillip S. Camitses
  • Irene Cannon-Geary
  • Carol A. Carpenter
  • Cyndy Carroll
  • Sky and Bobbi Chaney
  • Jennifer Clark
  • Merrill Clarke
  • Clare P. F. Coil
  • Martha Conklin
  • Dana Craig
  • Ms. Lee D. Cronk
  • Paula L. Crumpton
  • Jamie Curtis
  • Darlene DaRoja
  • Daniel DeRosa
  • Twila Dove
  • Mr. Clay Downey
  • Dinah R. Drago
  • Christine Duisin
  • Hugh L. Eckert
  • Lisa M. Edmondson
  • Judith K. Emerson
  • Phyllis Emigh
  • Susan Faust
  • Rina Francisco



Charles Chester, Ph.D. / Board Chair
Andy Sansom, Ph.D. / Vice Chair
Danielle Gustafson / Treasurer
Ellen Arbues / Secretary
Nancy Simmons, Ph.D. / Science Committee Liaison
Gerald Carter, Ph.D.
Gary Dreyzin
Brock Fenton, Ph.D.
Ann George
George ‘Timo’ Hixon
Donald R. Kendall, Jr., MBA
Maria Mathis
Shahroukh Mistry, Ph.D.
Alexander R. (Sandy) Read
Jenn Stephens, MBA
Roger Still


Nancy Simmons, Ph.D. / Science Advisory Committee Board Liaison
Luis F. Aguirre, Ph.D.
Enrico Bernard, Ph.D.
Sara Bumrungsri, Ph.D.
Gerald Carter, Ph.D.
Liliana M. Davalos, Ph.D.
Brock Fenton, Ph.D.
Tigga Kingston, Ph.D.
Gary F. McCracken, Ph.D.
Stuart Parsons, Ph.D.
Paul A. Racey, Ph.D.
Danilo Russo, Ph.D.
Paul W. Webala, Ph.D.


Mike Daulton / Executive Director
Mylea Bayless / Chief of Strategic Partnerships
Karen “Kay” Carney / Chief Marketing Officer
Winifred Frick, Ph.D. / Chief Scientist
Michael Nakamoto / Chief Operations Officer
Kevin Pierson / Chief of Conservation & Global Strategy

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Photo by Jonathan Alonzo.

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Photo by Paul Webala.
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Photo by Mike Brown, National Park Service.